The Spirits of home

Just like the trees that cover our acres of land we are always growing. Our commitment to producing quality fresh fruit evolved into a passion for making fruit based spirits. We embraced our entrepreneurial drive and reached out into the spirit and cider making business. Since that first step our farm has become more sustainable, and new opportunities has been brought to light.

Apple Country spirits was established in 2012 by David DeFisher. It began as an effort to leave more for the next generation than what he, as the fourth generation inherited. The all natural fruit based spirits were named after the region in which they are produced. Our farm’s location in apple country has contributed to our legacy and growth. Naming the product after the raw fruit that creates it, and the region that enables us to do that is our way to honor the community of farms and dedicated workers that make this region special.


  Apple Country Spirits proudly produces spirits that play with fruit flavors to develop premium, smooth, rich taste.


Tree vodka

Its purity, sweetness, and refreshing taste is unmatched by commercially created grain-based vodkas. Enjoy a sip above when you experience all natural, gluten free vodka created using our own apples.



All reflecting nods to specific fruits or spirit styles each of the three flavors, apple, plum, or pear are true to the fruit and carry strong aromas of the natural sources.



Based in a rich history of spirit making from the colonial days this variety can be enjoyed un-aged for an intense raw flavor or aged with kentucky bourbon barrels that leave sweeter notes.