Local fruit, local people



A fifth generation fruit farm with an eighty year history that has seen us develop

into a thriving local business.


We are a family owned and operated fruit farm with over eighty years of history. The third generation of the farm, William DeFisher brought us the abundance of apples. The farm had originally been a diverse farm, but William lead the transition into the fruit market. The fourth generation, David DeFisher brought us spirits and ciders. He created value added experiences and products that have shaped the farm into what the fifth generation have today. Our apples and the all natural spirits and ciders that use them have carved out our spot in the region. We are proud to be involved in the Upstate New York tradition of apple farming. We’ve become a member of an interconnected community that is constantly working to create a better fruit and customer experience.

Located in Wayne County, NY the foremost apple producing county in Upstate New York, we have dedicated the most acreage n the farm to apples. Through a unique grafting process we are able to meet market demands and create speciality harvests by growing over two dozen apple varieties. Our dedication to variety is not limited to apples, in addition to apples our farm produces pears, peaches, plums, and apricots. We have become familiar with the ground and environment and know what varieties can thrive here.  


Growing the fresh local taste of Upstate NY


We are in the business of growing great taste. Over the generations we have come to understand the unique environment that the shores of Lake Ontario provide for agriculture. What started as a passion for apples and the creation of an orchard evolved into a diverse fruit farm. We are proud to offer local residents the fruit that they have come to know and love while ensuring safe and sustainable practices are used. Our mission is simple but has lasted the test of time; provide the best quality, best selection, and best taste.

We hand-pick our fruit, we tend to the land as a family and work with local markets to meet demands. Our fruit has become interwoven in the culture of the region. We are advocates of the support local mentality and are grateful to give back to the community that has supported our farm over the years.


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What, When, & Where

Make time to unwind! Check out our complete lineup of events and remember to mark your calendars. Throughout the year we host original events at the tasting room and also co-host local celebrations. Join us for one or all, and experience a great time with delicious drinks and good company.